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ProForms™ 2011 - Legal Forms - CD

The following is a complete listing of the directory structure of ProGuide's™ ProForms™ 2011 legal forms CD - as currently planned.  (The final version may differ somewhat.)

           Accounting Firms
              Agreement To Change From Partner To Employee Status
              Agreement to Liquidate Partnership & Transfer Assets
              Confidentiality Agreement - Staff Accountant
              Due Diligence & Other Checklists
              Employment Agreement - Staff Accountant
              Engagement Letters
              Limited Liability Partnership
              Merge or Otherwise Combine
              Partner Buy Out & Non-Competition Agreement
              Retirement Agreement - Partner
              Sale of Firm
       Administrative Services Agreement - See Management and Admin
       Advertising and Design
              Advertising Contract
              Design Agreement
              Sale of Art By Artist - See Personal Property
              Set of Advertising Contracts - Process Detailed
        Attorney - See Law Firms
        Audit Letters - Attorney Responses - see Law Firms
        Bank Account - See Personal Property
        Bars & Restaurants Serving Liquor
              See also - Real Estate Leases
        Bill of Sale - See Personal Prop. - Assgnmnt Doc. & Bill
              Client - Personal Inventory Form
              Client's Checklist - Preparing For A Will Conference
              Combining of Accounting Firms
              Commercial Real Estate Offer To Purchase
              Environmental Hazard
              Formation of LLC
              Formation of Wholly Owned LLC Subsidiary of Corp. - Trucking
              Granting of Licenses
              Insurance Coverage
              Loan Documentation
              Professional - Service Corporation
              Purchase of Operating Business - Lengthy
              Q&A of Expert Witness
              Redemption of Stock
              Service Marks and Trademarks
           Common Paymaster Agreement
              Computer Maintenance Agreement
              See also - Goods & Supply Contracts
              See also - Licenses & Intellectual Property
              See also - Web Sites
           Confidentiality Agreements
              See Licenses & Intellectual Property
              See Non-Disclosure Agreements
              Affidavit As To Liens
              Full Satisfaction of Lien Claim
              Lien Waiver
              See also - Loans
              See also - Settlement, et al
              Single Family Residence on Builder's Prop
              Single Family Residence on Buyer's Prop.-with specs
           Consulting Agreements
              See also - Independent Contractor Agreements
              See also - Licenses and Intellectual Prop. Agree
           Contract Clauses - See Goods & Supply Contracts
              Formation, Operation & Termination
                 Affidavit of Lost Stock Certificate
                 Articles of Incorporation
                    Alternative clauses
                    Regular corporation
                 Asset Transfer To Subsidiary
                 Assignment of Stock - Separate From Certificate
                    Restricting Officers & Directors
                    Service Corporation
                    Short Form
                 Certificate of Corporate Officer
                 Financing Agreement
                 Irrevocable Stock Power
                 Legends; Restrictions on Stock Certificates
                 Letter to Incorporator
                 Liquidation - Notices & Letters
                 Record of Corporate Data
                 Record of Incorporator's Actions
                 Resignations of Officers and Directors
                    Accumulation of Earning & Profits
                    Charitable Contribution
                    Declaration of Share Dividend
                    Directors - Electing
                    Employee Benefit Plans - Adopting or Amending
                    Golden Parachute Payment - Consent to
                    Indemnification of Officers and Directors
                    Industrial Revenue Bonds
                    Initial Resolutions
                    Officers - Electing
                    Restricting Officers' and Directors' Authority
                    Sale of Business
                    Sub. S - Authorizing Election
                    Sub. S - Distribution To Owners To Pay Taxes
                 Restriction on Corporation While Warrants Are Outstanding
                 Restrictions Appearing on Stock Certificates
                 Review of Corporate Records - Letter To Client
                 Shareholder Agreements
                 Stock Legends - See Corps. - Formation, etc. - Legends
                 Stock Power - Irrevocable
                 Stock Purchase Warrant
                 Subscription Agreements
                 Voting Agreement
                 Voting Trust Agreement
                 Moderate Size Transaction
                 Opinion Letter Re Non-Taxability
                 Very Large Transaction
                 Assumption of Obligations
                 Articles of Incorporation
              Redemption of Stock
                 Coal Mine - Document Set
                 Escrow Agreement
                 Food Distributor - Complete Set
                 Medical Practice
                 Option to Redeem Stock
                 Redemption Agreement - Control To Children
                 Redemption Agreement - Typical
                 Redemption From Estate of Decedent
                 Redemption To Resolve Shareholder Dispute
                    Disclosure & Warrantee Agreement
                    Payment Spreadsheet
                 See also - Corporations- Formation, Etc. - Resolutions
              Rescission of Stock Issue & Asset Transfer
                 Demand For Return of Property
                 Rescission Agreement
                 Resolutions Re Rescission
              Sale of Business
                 See Sale of Business - General
                 See Sale of Business - Specific Industries
              See also Tax - Subchapter S related forms
              Service Corporation
                 Articles of Incorporation
              Spin Off
           Dealership Agreement - see Distributorship Agreement
           Deferred Compensation Agreements
              See Employee Benefit Plans and Deferred Compensation
              See Advertising & Design
           Distributorship Agreements
              Agreement With Related Entity
              Agreement With Unrelated Party
              Assignment of Distributorship Agreement
              Compensation Incentive Plan For Distributor's Employees
           Economic Development Project
              Grant From State to Municipality
              Municipality Has Project Constructed
              Participant Has Project Constructed
                 Original Grant
                 Other Grant 1
                 Other Grant 2
                 Supplemental Loan
           Emergency Room Operation - See Physician & Medical
           Emergency Room Physicians - See Physician and Medical
           Employee Benefit Plans and Deferred Compensation
              Deferred Compensation
              Golden Parachute - consent to
              Key Employee Severance Agreement
              Stock Appreciation Right Agreement
              Stock Option Agreement
              Stock Warrant Plan
           Employment Agreements
              Accountant - see also Accounting Firms
              City Administrator
              Emergency Room Physician
              Employee Buy in as Shareholder
              Employment - CFO During Chap - 11 Bankruptcy
              Employment By Parent & Subsidiary - Parent Manages - Set
                 Contract with Parent (Manager)
                 Contract with Subsidiary (Operating Co.)
                 Management Services Agreement
              Employment of Former Owner By Buyer
              Engineer or Other Specialist
                 See also - New Development Ownership - this section
              Extension of Term of Agreement
              New Development Ownership & Non-Disclosure
              Officer - Liquor Serving Establishment
              Officer - Liquor Serving Establishment - Unusual
              See also - Consulting Agreements
              See also - Employee Benefit Plans and Deferred Compensation
              See also - Independent Contractors
              See also - Non-Disclosure Agreements
              See also - Sale of Business - specific - Veterinary Practice
              See also - Settlement & Termination Agreements
              Termination of Employment
              Environmental Assessment
              Environmental Clause For Lease
              Environmental Indemnity
              Environmental Representations
              Provision Defining
              See also Loans
              Waste Water & Whey Processing
           Equipment - See Leases & See Personal Property
           Escrow Agreement
           Extended Warranty Agreements
           Goods and Supply Contracts
              Alternate Contract Clauses
              Alternate Pricing Clauses
              Long Term Supply Contract
              Master Purchase Order Contract for Purchase of Goods
              Offer to Supply
              Purchase of Inventory
              Sale of Custom Computer System
                 See also - Licenses and Intellectual Property
              Testing of Items Produced
              Management Agreement - Hospital
              See also - Emergency Room Physicians
              See also - Physician and Medical
           Independent Contractor Agreements
              Additional Compensation Incentive Plan
              Agreement - with emphasis on meeting IRS requirements
              Field Workers - Agriculture
              Medical Evaluator
              Retiring Employee
              See also - Consulting Agreements
              See also - Licenses and Intellectual Prop
              Work At Home
           Industrial Revenue Bonds
           Insurance Coverage Provisions
           Intellectual Property - See Licenses & Intellectual Property
           Joint Venture - See Partnership
           Law Firms
              Attorney Responses To Auditor's Letters
              Engagement Letters
              Opinions of Counsel
              Other Letters
              See also - Partnerships
              See also - Web Sites
           Leases - Personal Property
              See also - Personal Property - Lessee Agreement To Purchase
              Truck & Tractor Leases - see Trucks & Trucking Co
           Leases - Real Estate
              Assignment of Lease
              Building & Land - City to Alcohol Rehab. Group
              Building & Land - Operation of Convenience Store
              Building & Land - Option to Purchase - On Death
              Building & Land - With Related Entity
              Building & Land - With Unrelated Party
              Camp Grounds - Lease
              Commercial - Liquor - 1st Floor - Apartments Above
              Commercial - Liquor Served By Lessor - Comedy Club
              Consent To Assignment and Estoppel Certificate
              Environmental Clause For Lease
              Estoppel Certificate
              Mining Lease
              Notice of Sale - To Tenants
              Rules & Regulations - Tenants
              Space In Building - From Employee
              Space In Building - Trucking Related
              Space In Building - With Related Party
              Space In Building - With Unrelated Party
              Space In House - Office - With Related Party
              Termination of Lease - Agreement
           Letters of Credit
           Licenses and Intellectual Prop
              Agreement Between Multiple Authors - Software
              Agreement Between Multiple Inventors
              Assignment of Copyright
              Assignment of License Agreement - Patented Item
              Assignment of Patent
              Assignment of Trademark
              Clauses - Infringement, Efforts,Most Favored
              Clauses - Negating Implied Rights
              Clauses - Royalty Fee
              Clauses - Warrantee and Indemnification
              Consulting Agreement
              Evaluation Agreement
              Letter Samples
              License  - Service Mark
              License  - Software - Complex, Expensive Software
              License - Patented Item
              License - Security Agreement Insuring Performance
              License - Software - General
              License - Use of Proprietary Information
              License - Use of Transferred Material
              Patent - Infringement and Enforcement Provisions
              See also - Employment Agreements
              See also - Personal Property
           Limited Liability Company
              Multiple Members
                 Articles of Organization
                 Liquidation of Member's Interest
                 Members' Operating Agreement
              Single Member
                 Admin. Services Agree. - Corp. Member
                 Articles of Organization
                 Member's Operating Agreement
                 Resolutions of Corporate Parent of Wholly Owned LLC
                 See also - Checklists
           Limited Liability Partnership - see Partnership
              Agreement Not To Encumber Assets
              Agreement to Surrender Collateral
              Assignment - see also Loans; see also Personal Property
              Assignment of Agency Account
              Assignment of Construction Contract
              Assignment of Contracts & Security Interests
              Assignment of Equipment Lease and Rents
              Assignment of Leases and Rents
              Assignment of Life Insurance Policy
                 Long Form
                 Short Form
              Assignment of Note
              Assignment of Option
              Assignment of Partnership Interest
              Assignment of Patent
              Assignment of Real Estate Leases and Rents
              Assignment of Subscription Receivables
              Brokerage Indemnity Agreement
              Certificate of No Adverse Change In Financial Condition
              Consent of Partners To Granting of Security Interest
              Construction Loan Documents
              Contingency Provisions - Alternates
              Cross Collateral and Cross Default Agreement
              Environmental Indemnification Agreement
              Environmental Supplement To Mortgage
              Estoppel Certificate
              Forbearance Agreement
              Loan Agreement
                 Loan Agreement - Construction - see Loan - Constr. Loan Docs
                 Loan Agreement - Revolving
                 Loan Agreement - Standard
              Loan Participation Certificate and Agreement
              Mortgage, Security Agreement, & Fixture Financing Statement
                 Not Negotiable Instrument - Unique
                 Note - check boxes
                 Note For Line of Credit
                 Revolving Credit Agreement
                 Revolving Term Loan Note
                 Secured -  No Interest For Part of Term
                 Secured - By Mortgage
                    Set - Maker Is Partnership
                    With Mortgage - Due On Sale Clause
                 Secured - Equal Payments
                 Secured - Interest Only
                 Secured - Multiple Payment With Balloon
                 Secured - Non-recourse
                 Secured - Single Payment
                 Secured - Stock Released As Payments Made
                 Secured - Subject To Offset
                 Secured - Varying Payment Amounts
                 Unsecured - Check Boxes
                 Unsecured - Demand
                 Unsecured - Equal Payments
                 Unsecured - Multiple Payment With Balloon
                 Unsecured - No Interest
                 Unsecured - Single Payment
              Participation Agreement
              Personal Guaranty
              Real Estate Construction Loan
              Receipt For Payment
              Release of Guaranty
              Security Agreement
              See also - Real Estate - Other than leases
              Stock Pledge Agreement
              Subordination Agreement
              Subordination, Non-disturbance, Attornment and Estoppel Certif
           Management and Admin. Services Agreement
              In Connection with Sale of All or Part of Business
              Related Entities
           Manufacturing Agreements
              Animal Feed
              Mechanical Device
              See also - Licenses & Intellect. Prop. - Licenses
              Waste Water & Whey Processing - see Environment
           Medical - see Physician and Medical
           Miscellaneous Memoranda
           Non-Competition Agreements
              Accountants - See Accounting Firms
              Key Employee of Purchased Business
           Non-Disclosure Agreements
              See also - Employment Agreements
              Technical Information Obtained While Viewing Facilities
              To Facilitate Entry Or Completion Of A Contract
              To Facilitate The Evaluation of A Product
              Trade Secrets
              Visiting Technical Expert
              With Employee - General
              With Employee - Intellectual Prop. Ownership
           Opinion Letters
              From Borrower's Attorney
           Partnership (Joint Vent.)
              Assignment - Recordable Memorandum of
              Assignment Of Interest
              Assignment of L.Partner Interest
              Certification of Partner
              Consent to Assignment of Interest - Substitution
              Division of Partnership Into Multiple Ptnershps
              Gift of Interest - See Assignment of Interest
              Limited Partnership Agreement - Non-Tax Shelter
              Partnership Agreement - Accounting Firm - See Accounting Firms
              Partnership Agreement - Attorney or other Professional
              Partnership Agreement - Book Store
              Partnership Agreement - Leasing
              Partnership Agreement - Limited Liability
              Partnership Agreement - Mining
              Partnership Agreement - Real Estate
              Partnership Agreement - Veterinary Practice
              Purchase of Partner's Interest By Partnership
              Sale of Interest
                 See also - Management & Admin. Services
              See also Accounting Practices
              Substitution of General Partner - Waiver & Consent
           Personal Property
              Affidavit As To Title To Personal Property and Related Covenants
              Assignment Document and Bill of Sale
              Assignment of Bank Account With Authorization To Distribute
              Assignment of Interest
              Assignment of Life Insurance Policy
              Assignment of Purchase & Sale Agreement
              Assignment of Stock Option
              Lessees Agreement To Purchase Leased Property
              Notice of Assignment of Property
              Sale of Art By Artist
              Sale of Assets
              See also - Goods & Supply Contracts
              See also - Leases - Personal Property
              See also - Trucks & Trucking Companies
              See also Intellectual Property
              See also Loans
           Physician and Medical
              Emergency Room Physicians
                 Employment Agreement - Physician's Assist
                 Employment Agreement with ER Physician
                 ER Corporation's Agreement With Hospital
              Independent Contractor - Medical Evaluations
              Medical Information Authorization
              See also - Hospital
              See Employment Agreements
           Power of Attorney
              Authorize Care & Medical Treatment of Child
              Health Care
              Real Estate
           Real Estate - Leases - See Leases - Real Estate
           Real Estate - Not Leases
              Addendum To Commercial Offer To Purchase - Developed Prop
              Addendum To Commercial Offer To Purchase - Raw Land
              Addendum To Residential Offer To Purchase
              Agreement to Extend Land contract
              Assignment of Interest In Real Estate Purchase Agreement
              Construct. of Residence - See Construct. - Single Family, Etc
              Deed Restrictions
              Development Agreements
              Exchange Agreement
              Grant of Easement - Agreement For Annual Payment
              Land Contract
              Notice of Termination of Easement
              Notice To Tenants Of Sale of Real Estate
              Offer To Purchase - Commercial - Resort & Conference Center
              Offer To Purchase - Commercial Office Bldg
              Offer To Purchase - Condo - Pre-Construction
              Offer To Purchase - Resort Hotel & Equipment
              Rescission Agreement, Demand, & Resolutions - See Corporation
              Resort Hotel & Equipment - Offer To Purchase
              Rules & Regulations Applicable To Lessee
              See also - Construction
              See Also - Economic Development Project
              See also - Escrow Agreement
              Termination of Brokerage Agreement and Settlement
              Warranties - Seller
           Redemption - See Corporations - Redemption
           Release - See Settlement Agreements & Releases
              See Corporations - Rescission of Subscription Agreement
           Sale of Business - General
              Acquisition Checklist - Very Lengthy
              Affidavit As To Creditors
              Alternate Clauses - Determination of Purchase Price
              Certificate of CEO - Warranties, Officers & Directors
              Certificate of No Adverse Change In Financial Condition
              Cross Collateral and Cross Default Agreement
              Escrow Agreement - Installment Sale of Business
              Liability Assumption Agreement
              Notice To Creditors of Bulk Sale
              Sale of Assets
              Sale of Stock
                 Complete Set
              Sale of Stock To Employee
              See also - Checklists
              See also - Corporations - Redemption of Stock
              See also - Corporations - Resolutions
              See also - Employ. Agrmnts. - Employee Buy-In As Shareholder
              See also - Escrow Agreement
              See also - Insurance Coverage Provisions
              See also - Loans
              See also - Partnerships & Joint Ventures
           Sale of Business - Specific
              Accounting Practice - See Accounting Firms
              Cheese Manufacturer
              Concrete Construction Co
              Convenience Store Chain - Set
                 Asset Sale
                 Consulting Agreement
                 Lease - Related to Sale
                 Non-Comp. Agreement
                 Stock Sale
              Dental Practice
              Distributor of Advertising materials
              Environmental Inspection - By employees - Set
              General Store
              Hardware Store
              Insurance Agency
              One Owner To Another - See Corporation - Redemption
              Ownership to Younger Related Management - Set
              Resort Hotel & Equipment - Offer To Purchase
              Retail Stores
              Securities Broker
              Travel Agency - Employee Buy-In
              Trucking  Division
              Veterinary Practice
              Wholesale Distributor
           Sale of Goods - see Goods & Supply Contracts
           Settlement & Termination Agreements; Releases
              Computer Software Dispute
              Construction Contract Dispute
              Indemnification Agreement
              Law Suit - Pending
              Legal Malpractice Claim
              Mine Ownership & Operation Dispute
              Payment Due - Amount or Time
              Personal Injury
              Physicians - Dispute
              Release - Joint - Several Groups of Parties
              Release - Part of Stock Redemption
              Release - Personal Injury
              Release & Covenant Not To Sue
              See also - Corporation - Redemption
              Settlement Agreement & Release - unusual
              Termination of Agrmnt. To Explore Busin. Opportunity
              Termination of Employment - dispute
              Termination of Insurance Agent Relationship
              Termination of Real Est. Brokerage Agreement & Settlement
           Supply Agreements - see also Goods & Supply Contracts
           Tax Related Forms
              Common Paymaster Agreement
              IRC 1377 Election
              Subchapter S Related Forms
                 Agreement For Appointment of Power of Attorney
                 Agreement To Serve As Tax Matters Person
                 Certification of Successor Tax Matters Person
                 Corporate Resolutions - Appointment of Power of Attorney
                 Delegation of Power of Attny. & Declaration
                 Election Under Int. Rev. Code Sect. 1377(a)(2)
                 Petition For Readjustment of Sub. S Items
                 Petition For Readjustment of Sub. S Items, Etc
                 Proposed Resolutions
           Transportation - See Trucks & Trucking
           Trucks & Trucking Companies
              Bill of Sale & Contracts of Sale
              Common Carrier Services - Wholly Owned LLC
              See also - Checklists
              See also - Limited Liability Companies
              See also - Sale of Business - Specific
              Termination of Lease
              Transportation Agreement
              Truck & Tractor Leases
              Trucking Subsidiary - Set-up
                 See also - Corporations
              USDOT Appeal
                 Letters To USDOT
                 Motion - Extension of Time To Respond
                 Objection and Motion For Extension of Time
                 Request For Oral Hearing & Conference
                 Stipulation - Extension of Time
           Trusts & Escrows
              Group Insurance
              Trust - For Children (Grandchildren)
              Trust - Irrevocable - Gift to Minor
              Trust - Life Insurance
              Voluntary Employees' Beneficiary Association
              Voting Trust Agreement - see Corporations
           Voting; Voting Trusts - See Corporation - Formation, et al
           Waste Water & Whey Processing - See Environment
           Web Sites
              See also - Advertising and Design
           Whey Processing - see Environment - Waste Water, et al 


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