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ProGuide's ProForms 2011- Business Edition - collection of legal forms and checklists have been designed for use in actual, real world, transactions.  They can help you to become familiar with many of the important contract provisions used in a variety of business transactions which may be under consideration by your company.  By reviewing these legal forms prior to meeting with your business' accountant or lawyer and before negotiating with a business prospect, you can familiarize yourself with the topics which are likely to be covered in a contract or negotiating session.  In that way, you can think about the issues prior to any negotiating session or meeting with your attorney and accountant - saving you time and money by making your meetings and conversations more productive.

Available 24 hour a day - 7 days per week and easily loaded into your word processor, these law forms can provide you with much needed assistance when a matter arises at the last minute and neither library, secretarial, nor other assistance is readily available.

However, as set forth in the Cautions section of our website, unless you are a licensed attorney, these forms should not be used by you for a purpose other than familiarizing yourself with the transaction without first having a licensed attorney review and modify the forms to ensure that they are appropriate for the transaction under consideration, accomplish the objectives sought, and are enforceable in your jurisdiction.

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