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By ProGuide™

Find Any Document In 4 To 6 Keystrokes 

NEW - COMING 2011!

ProForms™ 2011 - Legal Forms - CD
By ProGuide™ - Practically A Complete
Business "Law Office On A Disk"™

ProForms 2011 is organized in a way that enables you to reach almost every file on the disk in only 4-6 keystrokes. As an example, we have replicated below a portion of the directory structure pertaining to corporations. It has several layers of subdirectories and is one of the more difficult sets of files to reach.  However, even it is easy.  Just look.

ProForms 2011
           Formation, Operation & Termination
                Affidavit of Lost Stock Certificate
                              Actual file names appear here
                              Actual file names appear here
                              Actual file names appear here
                Articles of Incorporation
                    Alternative clauses
                               Actual file names appear here
                               Actual file names appear here
                    Regular corporation
                               Actual file names appear here
                               Actual file names appear here

To access a listing of alternative clauses which you might include in a set of articles of incorporation you would do the following in your word processor: (Depending upon what software you are using, a reference to "click" on a directory might require a double "click".)

1.   Open the ProForms™ 2011 CD in your word processor. To do so you probably will follow a sequence such as the following - click File, click Open, and then click on the ProForms™ 2011 directory on the drive containing your ProForms™ 2011 CD

2.   Then highlight & click Corporations

3.   Then highlight & click Formation, Operation & Termination

4.   Then highlight & click Articles of Incorporation

5.   Then highlight & click Alternative Clauses.  This will produce a list of available files. (If you have turned on the file viewer in your word processor, you will see the full title and first few paragraphs of the document on your screen.)

6.   Then highlight the file you want, and click open in your word processor.

As you probably already know, this process of scrolling through the directory structure in your word processor is really quite fast and forms may be retrieved very quickly.

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