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By ProGuide™

As They Often Say On Television
"If You're Not A Trained Professional, Don't Try This At Home"

NEW - COMING 2011!

ProForms™ 2011 - Legal Forms - CD
By ProGuide™ - Practically A Complete
Business "Law Office On A Disk"™

ProForms™ 2011 is a comprehensive collection of legal forms, clauses, and checklists which were designed for use by practicing attorneys to help facilitate their preparation for a client meeting, contract negotiation, and the drafting of final documents. They are also likely to be quite useful to accountants and sophisticated business owners and managers who can also use them to save time and money by helping them prepare for a meeting and to get a better understanding of the subjects that may be covered in a final contract negotiation. However, since laws change and are not the same in every jurisdiction, these forms, clauses, and checklists should not be used for the preparation of a final document or to negotiate the final terms of an agreement, except by a licensed attorney who conducts a thorough review of the document's terms and modifies them to ensure that they are enforceable in the jurisdiction in which they will be used, are suitable for use in the contemplated transaction, accomplishes his or her client's objectives, and has been properly supplemented with other documents, to the extent needed.

Like every powerful tool, the ProForms™ 2011 forms, checklists, and clauses may have to be modified or used in conjunction with other materials in order to produce final documents which achieve the desired results.  In the hands of an unskilled or unknowledgeable person, they can be dangerous in that they may produce a result different than that which was intended.  So,..........

If you are not a licensed attorney, always engage the services of a knowledgeable, licensed, attorney to negotiate final contract terms and prepare final documents for any transaction which you desire to enter. Please read our other Cautions.

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